Frequently Asked Questions

Is my credit card information stored somewhere?

No, absolutely not. If you use your credit card, that information won’t be stored by the application. If you pay by Apple Pay or Google Pay, the operating system stores that information in a secure way. But that’s not our business.

Why can’t I select the current/next date?

A bakery usually prepares its work in the evening and is not able to allow any further orders for today or the next day. That’s why they can close the date and you will not be able to select that particular date.

When is my order ready?

That depends on the bakery. Usually, it should be ready in the early morning. For further details, please contact the bakery.

Known Bugs

Our products are tested automatically as well as manually to avoid any kind for bugs. However, if you experience one, please let us know what was not working and if possible send us a step by step description to reproduce the problem.

Currently, we are not aware of any bugs.